Welcome to the Owners Club for Diamond Aircraft

Welcome to the Diamond Aviators Association (The DAA), the membership organization and forum dedicated exclusively to Diamond Aircraft! The DAA is a membership organization established to educate, promote the safety of and support the owners and pilots of the HK36 Motor Glider, DA20, DA40, DA42 and D-jet aircraft manufactured by Diamond Aircraft and those interested, encourage ownership of these aircraft and provide social activities for its members.Membership is open to all; you don’t have to be a Diamond owner or pilot to join. We especially encourage everyone considering becoming a Diamond pilot or owner to join. Our membership includes pilots with a wide range of experience, and low- and high-time pilots are all well represented. Our membership also includes many Diamond renters, student pilots, and even non-pilot enthusiasts.

If you are considering buying a Diamond, you will find your DAA membership resources invaluable in familiarizing yourself with Diamond aircraft. The DAA membership is welcoming of newcomers and open to answering your questions on the active DAA forums.

Owners will find the DAA an inexhaustible resource on all issues related to maintenance and operation of Diamond aircraft, sure to save the cost of membership many times over.

Founded in 2005, with over 500 members worldwide, the DAA is a volunteer-run organization completely independent of Diamond Aircraft although we are the only club endorsed by Diamond Aircraft.

Whether you own, rent, fly or just admire the Diamond line you are welcome here. We encourage our members to post as well as read in an effort to keep things vibrant, educational and helpful to all. You must be registered to read this forum. Thank you and welcome to the Diamond Aviators Association!

Please Click on the “Forums” link on the top right of this page to join! Membership is now reduced to only $19 per year!